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The Chapter has two great items for sale which help raise some funds for stream research:
       1. A print of the Adams Fly
       2. A guide to Michigan Aquatic Insects

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Adams Print
by Beth Ward Donahue

The Chapter has a limited number of prints (16" x 20") of this drawing that Beth Ward Donahue produced for the 50th Anniversary of TU.

The original was raffled off at the TU Annual Meeting in Traverse City (Aug 09).

In 1922, Leonard Halladay, a Michigan fly tyer conceived the Adams as a general mayfly imitation. It was first fished by an Ohio attorney and friend of Halladay, Charles F. Adams on the Boardman River near Traverse City, Michigan. Charles Adams reported his success with the fly to Halladay who decided to name the fly after his friend. The Adams has been considered one of the most popular, versatile, effective and best selling dry flies since its creation.

The print is signed and numbered in pencil and ready for framing. $120.

A remarque version is available for $160.

Purchase this beautiful print and at the same time help TU.
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Aquatic Insect Hatch Guide
For Fly Fishing the Midwest

This hatch guide consists of two parts:

1. A vest sized guide which has a chronological listing of 51 major insect hatches occurring in Michigan, timing will work for the Midwest. This is printed on waterproof paper and comes in a plastic holder. Final folded size is 3” x 5”. Open size is 5” x 12”. This guide also has a metric ruler, hook size guide and drawings of the major types of insects (mayflies, stoneflies, and caddisflies).

2. A spiral bound booklet (shown left) which corresponds to the numbered listing of insects above and contains a full page on each insect with descriptions of the life cycle and what fly pattern (printed in bold print) is recommended for each stage of the life cycle of that insect.

This is an island of clarity in the often murky waters of aquatic insect identification. From spring's early stoneflies to late summer's Ephoron, Oberlatz uses a basic formula of nymph/larva-emerger-adult-spinner descriptions to help the angler recognize significant hatches in Midwestern rivers and streams.
Here is meaningful information (and fly patterns) for the beginner and expert alike, information that also can be helpful to anglers in all of the Midwestern states.
The net proceeds go to Trout Unlimited to support cold water fisheries in Michigan.
Tom Helgeson, Midwest Fly Fishing Magazine

If you are interested in adding to your knowledge of matching the hatch with this guide  $19.95

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